General Life Thoughts

It’s kind of silly when I think of where I was last year and how much has changed in a year.

Last year I was so blue about turning 24. I was having panic attacks almost daily and I held a job I had long since outgrown. I was definitely feeling discouraged and felt like I was failing at life.

Now I’m much happier. I have a little group of friends I’ve made at work and a few from my college days. I’ve picked up a new hobby, horse back riding, which I’ve always dreamed of doing and I absolutely love. I have a new job at the same company I was at last year but it’s very different. I love this position a lot (the company itself is great too), the group I work with is actually pretty fun once you get used to them (they’re nearly all extroverts!), and my boss is amazing (she’s someone I’ve really come to admire). I haven’t had a panic attack in almost a full year and I’m excited to get up to go to work or just live life again!

My life isn’t perfect but I’m really happy when I consider where I am and where I was. I’m not at my dream job, but I feel like I’m getting there. I’m planning on going back to school for my MBA/JD degree. I’m feeling like I’m more creative and full of life than ever and that’s exciting for me. And while I’m happy at my current position I’m keeping an eye on the job I want down the road and trying to decide if it is what I want, while keeping in mind that it’s okay if it’s not right for me anymore.

It wasn’t an easy road. I had to change a lot in my life to focus on happiness but it was all worth it in the end. I had to go through various rejections for new positions before I finally got a job offer. I’ve gotten to know a group of great women at work and they’re people I want to keep around for a long, long time. I needed to focus my creativity so I started this blog and started writing to let it flourish and flow. I’ve also decided to do more of what makes me happy, which includes riding, going to musicals, and even reading more books. Plus, 25 is actually a pretty great number so far!

While I didn’t intend to write an advice post, I do urge everyone to chase happiness and find it in your day to day life. I know not everything is going to be happy and it may take awhile to find some happy times. Once you do, you can highlight those happy moments and cherish them. Doing so makes life quite a bit brighter after all!

Thanks for reading!

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