Makeup Haul and First Impressions!

Hello everyone! Here’s a fun haul from Ulta and H&M Beauty. I’ve also included a few first impressions here as well. Here we go!


I only got one item from Ulta but I figured I would add it into this haul first. I finally caved and purchased the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette when Ulta published the price reduction from $58 to $39.

I’m so happy I finally got this palette and even happier that I didn’t have to pay full price for it as well. I have a ton of eyeshadow so I’m trying to avoid purchasing more palettes, although they’re some of my favorite items to buy. I’m excited to try it! I’m sure I’ll get a lot more use out of the neutrals in the palette but the bright pink and the deep blue look absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy to add them to my collection.


The main bulk of my haul is actually from H&M. I walked into a store for the first time in a long time and immediately noticed the beauty section. The line was rolled out back in 2015 I believe but I hadn’t seen any of the products until now. I picked up a few items and here they are! Also, I really recommend trying to find these products in store. I tried the online shopping feature and it’s not very user friendly. Also there were a lot of employees working in the beauty area and the surrounding area so I wasn’t able to fully check everything in the range but it’s huge. H&M has everything from foundation to blush, nail polish to brushes, eyelashes to etc. If you have an H&M and haven’t been in for awhile like me, it’s worth checking out to see if they’ve added this section in!


Penny Red

First up I saw the lipsticks and picked up two after swatching a million. I picked up colors 007 Seashell, which is a lighter nudy pink, and 042 Penny Red, which I find to be more of a burgundy red. These two are from the cream lip stick and they went on very smoothly. I didn’t have this same experience from others that I swatched. The mattes dragged along the back of my hand and some of the colors were very, very sheer so I would recommend trying the lipsticks first . These two looked gorgeous though and I had to take them home. Also, the colors you get do not match the names in the range or the colors on the end of the tube on the label so definitely check the colors first if you can.

I also picked up an eye colour palette despite trying to not to. I purchased the smoky nudes palette as it was the one I suspected I would get the most use out of. I didn’t get a lot of time to look at the palettes as there was an employee working in the same section as the palette display so I tried to get out of the way as quickly as possible. Either way this was the one that caught my eye.

I also picked up two single shadows from the High Impact eye colour vivid pigments range. I picked up Peach Life, which is a nice deep pink color, and Shellfish, a lighter pink color. They are both on the more shimmery side and very nicely pigmented. Unfortunately there were also employees working near this section. Again, the sticker doesn’t exactly match the color inside so try to check out the color in person.

And the last products I picked up were two of the Pure Radiance powder blushers in the sheer coverage luminous finish collection. I purchased the Cameo Pink, which is a light mauve-y pink. The second one is in Coral, which is true to it’s name. Caution, these are very, very pigmented so use a very light hand when applying them. While swatching the lightest tap resulted in a ton of color so a little goes a long way with these.

So that’s my haul and first impressions! I had a blast picking these products and while I’m trying to save money I couldn’t resist treating myself a bit. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from the H&M line, I’m curious to know what the other products are like.

Thanks for reading!


    • I agree! I wish the blushes came with a mirror but oh well, they’re still surrounded in prettiness! I’m glad I was able to pick up so many things. It was pretty well stocked when I went in so that was a relief. Thank you!


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