My May Favorites!

Hello everyone! May has flown by so quickly that I completely forgot that this week had the last Wednesday of the month! Normally for the last Wednesday I do my favorites but since I forgot I’m doing it for the last Friday, which is normally something random. Here we go!

First up is my favorite store of the month: Dover Saddlery! I have one close by so I go there randomly. I don’t own a horse and I just started learning how to ride but I still have fun and dream.

Some of my beauty favorites are actually from my most recent haul! The Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark hair is great and works! I don’t use it often because the color can transfer but it’s great since my hair gets oily after 24 hours of being washed. The next favorite is the giant lotion with a scent of “radiant raspberry” as I’ve run out of my Body Shop lotion.

I have also loved my tri-colored Steve Madden bag. It is a little small for my taste but since I’m trying to carry less items with me it works to get me to downsize.

My favorite foundation this month has been the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able foundation that I reviewed here. I also have loved the Estee Lauder DayWear moisturizer that I have recently repurchased. (Mentioned in my Morning Routine post here.)


My team at work is also a favorite. I won’t post a picture of them as I don’t think they would all appreciate it but this is one of the many reasons why. They decorated my desk at work for my birthday even though I wasn’t even working on that day! Not going to lie, they can be hard to work with sometimes, but overall they’re a good group. I’m happy I work with them.

My next two favorites are my Loft sunglasses (picture on the left). Random favorite maybe but I actually had this pair, or at least a very similar pair, last year. Unfortunately they were crushed in my handbag and I was devastated. This year I found these glasses at the start of the season and bought them immediately. It was amazing!

My favorite perfume has been my Jo Malone fragrance (bottle all the way to the right). I have the English Pear and Freesia. I wear it on special occasions and since it was my birthday month I have had many special days.

So that’s my May favorites! I’ve had a great month, especially because it was my birthday! I turned 25 and I’m really looking forward to a great year. Also, I’ve been blogging for six months and I’m happy to see that I’ve stuck to blogging this long. I don’t know what the future holds for Starring Pamela but I have a good feeling about my blog. I’m hoping to start adding more reflective posts as well as my usual book posts and beauty posts although they may not be as regular as my current posts. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for reading!


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