My April Life!

Hey everyone! I have had a pretty good April, not too wild, but with some really exciting stuff. Here we go!

Riding Lessons!


First up is that I have started horse riding lessons! I’ve never been on a horse, well at least not properly. I’ve been placed onto a horse and then the horse has been led around but I’ve never really had the opportunity to ride myself. Now I’ve started lessons so I can ride and my first lesson was fun! We walked and trotted around the indoor arena and so far I love it. I have another lesson scheduled for this week. My parents seem surprised, which I find hilarious because of the following conversation:

Dad: “I don’t think this is a good idea. I think you’ll probably hate horses and riding.”

Me: “I’ve been waiting to take riding lessons all my life, I’m pretty sure I won’t hate it if I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.”

Mom: “If you wanted to ride horses as a child you should have told us!”

Me: “WHAT?? I did! I always asked to learn to ride a horse and even checked out all the horse related books I could from the library whenever possible!”

Mom: “Oh, you were serious? We thought you were joking!”

Oh, the aggravation that parents can cause sometimes!

Unfortunately I might switch to a different barn… I feel like the barn manager/lady that is giving me lessons doesn’t care that much about getting new business. The first time I called she seemed distracted and then when I showed up to my first lesson she was nowhere to be found. A mom who had brought in her child for a lesson helped me find the instructor (we started about 15minutes late because we couldn’t find her) and the lady was like “oh… I guess I forgot to write you down. Well I guess I have time to give a lesson…” EXCUSE ME, I’m a paying customer! Then she proceeded to put me on a Western saddle without asking my preference (I want to ride English). During the actual lesson she was good and I had a great time although at the end it felt like she was trying to kick me out. Her husband had arrived so I thought maybe they have a family thing or something. Either way I decided to give the barn another chance. However when I called on Monday the conversation went something like this:

Me: “I’d like to schedule a lesson.”

Her: “Okay.”

Me: “Um, I was thinking something at like 5:15pm or 5:30?”

Her: “Okay.”

Me: “So… what dates do you have available this week?”

Eventually we got it scheduled but it was really aggravating to have to basically pull the information out of her. And unfortunately she is doing my next lesson too and I was too shy to ask for someone else. I was talking to my mom about it and our conversation went like this:

Mom: “Why are you taking lessons there again? They don’t seem to be very professional.”

Me: “Well they’re the cheapest place around here that actually has a website with adequate information on their website.”

Mom: “Well I guess you get what you pay for…”

I’m starting to think my mom was right. My bestie Diana also agreed with this when I spoke to her about the situation as well. So I will give the barn one more chance at this week’s lesson but if I have a similar experience I have already picked a new place to go to. I don’t want to be hopping in between barns but I don’t feel like I should be forgotten or feel like I’m begging for the opportunity to give them my money to let them teach me how to ride a horse properly. Fingers crossed something works out!

Dover Saddlery Visit!

As a result of my successful riding lesson (successful in the sense that I didn’t fall off and run out crying and because I didn’t hate it), I decided to go to the closest equestrian store I could find: Dover Saddlery. Since I’ve only been on a horse once, I’m not sure how serious this new hobby will be so I didn’t want to go too crazy but I did want to get some sort of jacket to wear or something. I ended up with this bright pink shirt my mom found in the kids section! It has mesh on the sleeves and parts of the back/sides so it’s an appropriate summer riding shirt.

I really wanted this shiny helmet!

The store itself was great, it had riding boots, grooming brushes, saddles, bits, and just about everything you can think of! Except for actual horses but hey, I had a blast. Apparently one of the employees was judging me for taking beginner lessons and told my mom she’d “never heard of such a thing”. I thought that sounded a bit pretentious but overall the staff was friendly. Also they were busy watching a competition in Kentucky so it was great because they weren’t asking if I needed anything every two seconds like other shop employees usually do. If I keep up my riding lessons I’ll definitely stop by the store again from time to time.

Felicia Day Paperback Book Tour!


Felicia Day! I MET FELICIA DAY! I met Felicia during her paperback book tour for You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville during the Chicago portion of her tour. If you don’t know Felicia Day then let me quickly explain who she is. She’s a fantastic actress, producer, writer, online content creator, and an amazing human being. She’s been on Supernatural as Charlie, she starred in both the Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog online, and her youtube channel, Geek and Sundry, is hilarious. I already started reading her book despite being in the middle of another book already.

At her signing we fangirled over the Skyrim video game and bonded over the hope that the next Elder Scrolls will be out soon. To be 100% honest with you, I bought and played Skyrim solely because Felicia made it look amazing in videos on her personal youtube channel. I’ve also been living through her as she plays the latest Tomb Raider game as I don’t have an Xbox One and I’m not going to buy one just for this game. I’d rather get the PS4 (currently on a PS3). She drew quite a crowd for her signing and I met up with a friend there (we didn’t plan it but we both were there, it was great) and I made a new friend!

Baby Izzy!


And last but never, ever least, Baby Izzy! This is little 3 month old (at the time, he’s 4 months now) Isaiah with his mommy Stephanie. Steph is a good friend of mine at work and she had taken a few days off to spend time with her baby. During that time she was kind enough to bring him to work for a bit! Her snaps of Izzy and pictures and stories of him are just beyond cute and he’s even cuter in person! (Probably because you can actually snuggle him in person.) He is very cuddly and smiley and my brain is too busy going “awwwww” to worry about my sentence structure anymore. He has recently discovered he has feet, likes to chew on his hands, enjoys having is tongue brushed, and loves his Auntie Pamela. Unfortunately I am not Izzy’s godmother at the moment but there’s still time for Stephanie to change her mind. Fingers crossed!

I also briefly hired him as my unpaid intern at work but he fell asleep after ten minutes so I had to fire him. Sorry Izzy! (I thought this was hilarious and my boss and the HR Manager both laughed so clearly I was onto something for a bit there.)

So that’s my month of April! It was pretty fun while also being nice and quiet. Next month won’t be that way at all as it’s my birthday month! I have already bought myself about a million presents so I’m super excited. Feel free to let me know what you think about this riding lessons situation as well or just share your thoughts or your month. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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