April Favorites!

Hello everyone! Here is my April Favorites! I actually had typed out that I didn’t have many favorites this month but then as I looked through my photos in April I realized I had a fair amount. Here we go!


First up is this Bare Minerals lipstick in Chase Your Dreams. It’s a lovely deep rose color that I fell in love with at Ulta. Unfortunately they were sold out of the lipstick which only made me want it even more. Eventually I did find it, after going to three stores and asking the employees if they had any left. I absolutely loved the color from the moment I saw it and knew it was the perfect nude shade for me!


My next favorite is my Chloe Perfume. I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me talk about this one but I have a fun story to go along with this. One of my coworkers was going through my make up bag when she found this rollerball and went “OH! THIS IS NAMED CHLOE!” and proceeded to try it on. I found this peculiar until I finally remembered her daughter’s name is Chloe, which is why she freaked when she saw this. She did end up liking the perfume which I found adorable and I think she’s planning now to buy Chloe the perfume for Chloe the person. I hope Chloe likes Chloe too!



My Barnes and Noble Membership and my library card have been really big favorites of mine this month as well. I’m only a tiny bit obsessed. I’ve been reading a lot more which means that I’m buying or checking out a lot more books too. I have a good number of books but they’re mostly old school assignment books which I remember NOT enjoying or books I bought when I was younger and not necessarily interested in reading now. I also have a ton of textbooks or classics that I also don’t feel like reading at the moment. So as a result I’ve been buying books that I think I will really enjoy and would like to see on my shelves or checking out books that I don’t want to buy or are harder to justify purchasing. These two things combined mean a happy, bookish life for me!

Also, I couldn’t find my full sized library card, I only had my key chain card on hand and it’s pretty beat up so I’ve substituted my Sephora VIB card. Hopefully neither Sephora nor the local library mind!


I know I’ve already talked about the Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher but this has been a favorite again this month. I got this one from my good friend Celena at work, who was such a sweetie to bring this in for me. She insisted on bringing me Starbucks after I did her a little favor which was very kind of her. It was no big deal for me but it was a big deal for her and I really appreciated her gesture of gratitude!


I also have been loving this Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I somehow don’t have many brushes and the ones I do have had not been working for me lately. I picked this up at Ulta and have been pretty happy with it so far. (This picture was taken for a Haul post that I haven’t written yet so keep your eyes out for it!) It’s very nice, easy to clean, and it’s been great at getting my foundation onto my face, which was the goal!


And last but not least is the Hamilton musical album, although you probably guessed that if you saw my Hamilton Book Tag post. I’ve been listening to this non-stop. (Haha get it? One of the songs is named “Non-Stop”. Okay, I’ll go.) My favorite songs right now are “Alexander Hamilton”, “Satisfied”, and “The Room Where It Happens”. Oh and “The Election of 1800”. I could go on, I am really impressed with this album and I really want to see this in person as soon as possible. I highly recommend this album if you haven’t heard it already.

So that’s my April favorites! This was great fun to write and while I didn’t have many favorites I have been enjoying these products a great deal this month. Let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month in the comments section!

Up next for my posts will be a post on Friday (haven’t decided yet what I’ll do. I’m in between two ideas right now), then my April Life post next week Wednesday, and a post on the books I’ve read in April next week Friday.

Thanks for reading!

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