My Morning Skin Care Routine!

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be going over my  morning skin care routine! This post will actually include some of my weekly skin care items as well. I do have a few products as I like to switch between products rather than stick to only one. This is probably different than a lot of other people do but I find that it works just fine for me. This post will be an accompaniment to my night time skin care routine that will be posted Wednesday of next week.

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My morning skin care routine is very, very simple. I am normally running out the door at 6:30am leave for work so I like to keep my morning routine as short as possible. First up in the morning I wash my face. Most days I only use a face wipe as I don’t often feel like I need much more than that. I use the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I mostly use them for their cleansing purposes and I have tried other face wipes but they always seem to cause a stinging sensation on my skin so I’ve stuck to these for awhile.

If I feel like I do need a deeper cleanser I use either the Purity by Philosophy or the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean cleansers. I prefer the Estee Lauder most days but every so often I’ll switch it up.

And to finish up I use my Estee Lauder DayWear moisturizer. I love to use this one because it smells like cucumbers, contains SPF 15, and overall leaves my skin feeling great. This moisturizer also helps combat signs of aging on your skin so I also love that aspect of the cream. I’ve actually just repurchased this item as I’m nearly out. I have the Normal/Combination formula and I don’t feel that it is greasy at all, although I have seen reviews that some people feel it does. I’ve also had no problem with the time it takes to absorb. I find that it’s pretty quick and lightweight.

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Since my morning skin care routine is so simple and short I also decided to add some masks that I like to use about once a week or so.

First up is a product I don’t stop talking about. That is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. I use this mostly only when I feel my skin is dull and needs some extra moisture. I have combination skin that tends to stay firmly on the oily side but every so often I feel dry, especially in the winter. That’s when I use this mask for an overnight fix. I do find that it takes some time to absorb, it’s not a fast product so I always put it on a little before I’m ready to go to bed. When I get up my skin feels smooth, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

Another product I use about once a week or even less is the Deep Pore Cleansing Strips. I use the ones from Target’s Up & Up brand and I find they work just as well as name brands. I don’t use them as often as I used to because I’ve started exfoliating much more often and using masks but every once in a while I’ll pull these out. I do prefer exfoliating though but these are good for “quick fixes” when my pores are feeling particularly unruly.

Another Origins product I’ve started to use is the Clear Improvement Charcoal mask. There are a lot of fans of this product and while I haven’t been using it enough to see long term benefits yet but I definitely feel like my skin is smoother after using this product. The charcoal is meant to act as a magnet to draw out everything clogging pores. I’ve been using it roughly once a week although I’ve seen recommendations that some use it twice a week so I might start using it more often. It is a little harder to wash off but I suppose that’s a small price to pay when removing all the gunk hiding in your pores!

The last product I use is the Lancome Pure Empreinte Masque. I actually use this at the same time as the Charcoal mask. I use the charcoal mask on my t-zone and then use this Lancome mask on the rest of my face as those sections are usually better behaved. This one is much easier to wash off than the charcoal mask but provides the same smoothing effect and seems more gentle than the charcoal mask. I might try this one all over my face sometime soon just to see what happens then (fingers crossed no bad things happen). This mask also tends to dry quicker so I apply this one after the charcoal mask so they dry at around the same time.

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So that’s my morning skin care and weekly skin care routines! I am introducing a few new things that I’ve gotten samples of or just picked up in stores while I’m out as an attempt to try and see if there may be something out there better than what I’m currently using. I’ll post an updated skin care routine if I do make any changes but for now, this is what I use and what works for me. Let me know if there’s anything you like or dislike about these products or what you use that you love.

Thanks for reading!


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