Random Haul!

Beauty! Books! Ummm, art stuff! This is just some of the really cool and fun things that I’ll talk about in this post. I’m going to split up the items based on where I bought them from. Here goes!


If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know I’m addicted to Target. For real. I did buy some work out clothes which I won’t take a picture of and I’m not quite sure why I bought it. I never work out. I also bought a white fur vest. I’ve taken a liking to vests and it reminded me of the vest that the editor from Bloosh wears in the seventh season of Parks and Recreation (that one episode where Ben and Larry are trying to get Ron and Leslie to sign some papers but it’s not working and then Ron and Leslie each have press conferences at nearly the same time). I also bought this Every Day: a five year memory book. I have one but always forget to actually fill it out so I’m hoping to start a new one and not miss half a year this time. Basically you have a few lines on each page for every day of the year to write on. I’m sure it’s more fun as time goes on and you have multiple years to look back on. Even in my journal that I did for a few months late 2015 and then late 2016 I could see huge changes in my life. I’m excited to actually stick to it this time!

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I bought two items at Ulta this month. I did shop during the 21 Days of Beauty and the day I was there one of the items was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I got one of the last three that were out on display and paid $10 for it, when the mascara is normally $21. I was extremely happy. I also found Soap & Glory there which I hadn’t seen since it left Sephora months ago. I bought the Hand Food lotion which is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I’m definitely going to be shopping at Ulta more often!

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Espionage Cosmetics

During my trip to C2E2 (more about that here) I found a nerdy cosmetics counter! The company is Espionage Cosmetics and they mostly had nail wraps at their booth. My sister got a Harley Quinn inspired nail wraps set. I got the “Most Ardently” because I just loved the flowers and the blue on them. There was also a Geek and Sundry Tabletop set that I probably should have gotten.

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They also had various eyeshadow sets and I immediately gravitated towards the tv show “Firefly” set. The lovely exhibitor showed me the colors and even swatched one on my hand as well when I was unsure of one of the colors. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m really excited. The set was also available with a little Jayne hat! If you haven’t seen the show and like sci-fi adventure type of shows then I really recommend it. The show is only one season long and it is over 10 years old now but everyone seems to agree that the show was cancelled way too early and wish there was more.

TJ Maxx

I got a few things at TJ Maxx. A new store opened up and my mom and I have gone twice already! I first bought a new baby blue Nine West bag which is my new “spring bag”. I have started using it, replacing my rose gold MK bag.

I also bought a new bar of soap. The brand is Doxen & Hue and the scent is Gold Leaf Gardenia. I’m still going through a different set of soap but once I go through that I’ll get to this one.

While my sister was home for spring break she made fun of my hair brush because it was old so I went out and got another one. The brand is Swissco and it is described to be for smoothing and detangle-ing, which I thought was the goal of every hair brush but the fact that they specifically state that on the packaging makes me feel like they’re just extra committed to this.

I then picked up the bellaPro Titanium Rose Gold 1 inch flat iron. I googled this brand while in store and it seemed to have good reviews so I bought it and plan to try it out sometime. I normally don’t bother with straightening my hair as it normally doesn’t want to or I get bored but this should be fun!

And lastly I bought this set of 6 pencil eyeliners from the brand Max Studio. They come in the colors silver, hunter green, espresso, cabernet, bronze, and very black. I beleive I’ve heard a few youtubers mention this brand and it seemed to be mostly favorable reviews so I’m hoping these eyeliners are great. I’m especially excited about the hunter green liner!

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I bought some sort of thread because the regular sewing thread did not match a fabric I’m using to make a throw pillow. I don’t know how well this will work as I think this thread is too thick but we’ll see what happens. I can’t tell what color it is (name wise) but apparently it’s not for sale in the UK. Poor UK…

I also bought a set of watercolor pencils and a set of drawing and sketching pencils. I want to get into art a bit as a form of relaxation so I figured I’d buy some supplies to get started. I also hope that maybe I have a secret talent and then I can make something pretty and hang it in my home office on one of my blank walls. Fingers crossed!

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Barnes and Noble

I bought the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and la Sombra del Viento (the Shadow of the Wind) by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I’ve started la Sombra del Viento and I keep that book at work to read during my breaks. The Alchemist is on my bedside table as I start my weekend mornings by reading at least half an hour before getting up so I always have a book ready.


So that’s my haul! It was a fun shopping month and although I don’t think I’m going to do too much shopping in April I might do a similar post next month. Still it’s fun to take a look though everything I bought as I’m one of those people that buy something and then don’t use it right away, leading me to forget that I bought the items. I hope you enjoyed my haul and I hope you’ll join me next week for my monthly favorites and books I read this month posts.

Thanks for reading!

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