My March Life!

Hi everyone! Today’s post will be a look back of my month. I know I enjoy creeping on everyone else’s lives so might as well share mine! I actually didn’t end up doing as much this month as I expected. Living in the northern Chicago suburbs, I didn’t actually get the chance to get out as much because of bad weather so I have put off a few things that I wanted to do. It’s okay though, I haven’t cancelled those fun plans, just put them off until later in the year (it’s going to be a really fun surprise!). But enough about that, onto March!


First up, I finally, finally got my “I Voted” sticker! I mean, I’ve only been voting for six years now and my polling place has never had stickers or I’ve voted by mail. In Illinois we had to wait until March 15th to vote in the presidential primaries. I went early in the morning before work (polls opened at 6am, I was in there around 6:15am) and proudly wore my sticker to work. And then berated everyone, including my boss, to remember to vote after work. #Imwithher!

One awesome thing that has happened to me is that my workplace moved to a brand new, shiny, and beautiful office! I loved the location of the old office, where I personally worked for about a year and a half since I started with the company. We used to be down the street from a huge shopping mall, there was a Target we would frequent across the street, tons of food places delivered, it was great. Except for the actual office. There was limited parking, unused space, and it was a very old building overall. This office is newly built, we’re on the sixth floor and it’s been decorated beautifully. The new space is truly a pleasure to work in. Sure there are a few downsides (no Target nearby, fewer places deliver for lunch) but hey, it’s a huge improvement and I love it. I apparently don’t have pictures of the space inside the actual building (I snapchatted a lot but didn’t save the pictures) so I’ll take some and update this post when I have. Oh, and the view is amazing as we overlook a little lake and have huge windows around the entire floor(top left picture above). We can see the Chicago skyline from our desks on a clear day!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.11.47 PM

This month I’ve had to up my Goodreads goal again. I started with a goal of 15 books and had to up my goal to 25 last month when I realized I would reach 15 too quickly. I decided to raise it again to 50 though as I’ve been reading at a pace of about a book a week. That would mean I would have to continue to read at this pace to meet the goal which I’m not sure if I’ll reach as some of the books I want to read are extremely lengthy but I’ve been reading more comic books lately which are faster reads so that could balance out. According to Goodreads, I’m on track to meet my goal! So hopefully I can keep this up. I’m really committed to this and have subscribed to a ton of Booktube channels on Youtube and will be looking for literary based blogs soon. Please leave any recommendations below! I already do a monthly “Books I’ve Read This Month” post (March will be out next week Friday) but I might add book reviews to my blog.


This month my sister and I went downtown to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2. My sister is on her last year of college and came home for spring break, which fell on the same weekend as C2E2. We went last year when we saw Hayley Atwell (tv series Agent Carter) and Ming Na Wen (tv series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). This year we didn’t go to too many panels. We did see J. August Richards (also S.H.I.E.L.D.) on the show floor on Friday when we wandered around the expo hall. Unfortunately we missed Saturday which was when a lot of really interesting panels took place that were not on the main stage. Then we were back on Sunday for the main stage panels! This year we had to skip the a few really fun sounding panels to see the main stage panels. Oh, and I did buy some make up on the show floor which I’ll post in an upcoming haul (this Friday!).

First we saw John Ratzenberger’s panel (known widely as Pixar’s “lucky charm” as he’s had a role as a voice actor for each of their films). He was funny, inspiring, and extremely funny. He spoke a lot on his work ranging from his beginnings as an actor, to Pixar, to his own productions, and event his environmental and inventor work. In a world where instant gratification is sought after by many and pursued via social media followings and likes and so on it was refreshing to see a man who truly values hard work and no nonsense. He spoke frankly and provided great advice to those willing to listen.

We then saw J. August Richards’ panel at the main stage right after. He started off his panel by having the crowd participate in the movie he was filming on his iPhone on his time at C2E2. After that he talked a bit about his work on S.H.I.E.L.D. he talked on his work for the tv show Angel as well. I have not seen Angel (I know, I know, it’s on my watch later list) so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the panel on that aspect but I think it was great and we had a great time.

The last main stage panel of the day, and C2E2 as a whole, was Chloe Bennet. We actually had been undecided as to whether we would attend when we found out that Chloe would be an entertainment guest this year. So Chloe was basically the deciding factor. She had a lot of fun during her panel and as a result, so did the attendees! She spent a lot of time making fun of her brothers, embarrassing her mother, and answered a lot of questions. As she’s a Chicago native she brought her entire family to see her at her panel, which was amazing. She also had done a ton of photo ops and autographing as well but she seemed to remember everyone she had met earlier that day and the day before. At the end of the questions she absolutely insisted that time be given to two young girls who did not get their questions in before the time was up and did a great job encouraging them in their STEM interests and was very sweet to them. Chloe is an amazing actress but her panel showed that she is an even more amazing person. Also I hear she frequents taco trucks in the city so obviously she and I need to be bffs.


So that’s my month of March! Work has been crazy busy so I feel like this month really flew by. I’m excited for April although I don’t have too much planned yet. Sometimes that’s the most fun though, isn’t it? Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading!


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