February Favorites

Happy March everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my February favorites. I have quite a few and I’m really excited to go through these. Here we go!

(You might also recognize some of the pictures as well, as a few of my Favorites have been featured in their own separate review, my Instagram, or even my monthly recap posts!)


First up is my new nighttime moisturizer, this is the Nuture Me by Ole Henriksen. I love this moisturizer so much. The lovely young woman at Sephora recommended this one and I instantly fell in love. I will say that this has a strong smell that reminds me of sherbet ice cream. It feels really refreshing to put it on and absorbs fairly quickly onto the skin. I really like the smell as well as the product but if you don’t like scents, then this is probably not the right item for you. It is available at Sephora for $40 and I think it’s worth every penny!

Foundation in 230, Powder in 230, Foundation in 322, Concealer in 25

Another favorite of mine has been the Maybelline Fit Me products. I talked about it in a previous post that you can find here. I have been loving the Fit Me Foundation in the Matte and Poreless finish. The color I have is 230 Natural Buff. I have used this foundation everyday along with the powder in the same color. I also have the concealer in 25 Medium which I use to cover any spots I have. I also have the foundation in 322 Warm Honey which is a little dark for me. The range seems to be around $5-$7 depending on the item and the products are amazing for the price.


Another favorite is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 05 Nude Thrill. I reviewed this product in a previous post as well, linked here. This has become my go-to lipstick and has actually kicked out my Bobbi Brown Lilac and my Laura Mercier Spiced Rose lipsticks from my makeup bag and it doesn’t look like they’re moving back anytime soon. They are $6.99 at Target, which is amazing for this quality product.


My last beauty favorite is the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energising Facial Spritz. I have liked this product for a while now. I use it every morning after my foundation to help moisturize it and I use it as a sort of setting spray as well. I especially love the scent, as I do feel this product does energize me in the morning. This product is available at the Body Shop for $20.

And now for some random favorites!


I have loved these little orange earplugs I got from my dad. I have recently heard the term “sound sensitive” and I realized that the term describes me perfectly. I have often told people that I “hate noises” and by noises I mean anything that rings or dings or pings or anything. I have my cell phone on silent and my work phone on the lowest possible setting. Still, my coworkers can sometimes get a bit rowdy so I keep these in my bag just in case I need some quiet.


I also used my Eddie Bauer Full Circuit shoes for the first time this month. I bought them on sale last year and never got around to using them until we had a “comfy shoe” day at the office. I definitely need to break them in before using them for real physical activity but they were very cute and comfy overall, just a little tight from being brand new.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

My favorite youtuber this month has been Grace Helbig from youtube.com/itsgrace. She’s my favorite every month but this month I met her during her US book tour so she has a special spot in this month’s favorites.


My favorite Starbucks drink this month has been the Strawberry Acai Refresher. I have cut back on caffeine consumption in the past year so this is a great alternative to my normal chai tea latte which does have caffeine in it. It’s also great because my coworkers will see me drinking it around the office and immediately exclaim “I LOVE THAT DRINK”. Nothing like approval from your peers to make you feel good about yourself. ☺

So those are all my February favorites! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month down in the comments. I’ll have my February Books post up on Friday so look forward to that.


Thank you for reading!

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