My February Life

Hello everyone! February was a pretty quiet month for me, not too much going on. It was very nice overall though. Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to.


First up, I made some Valentine’s Day cupcakes! I did a blog post on the cupcakes that you can find here. They were fun to make and pretty yummy. Cupcakes are my favorite things to make but there’s only three people who are living in my house at this time (myself and then my parents) so there were wayyyyy too many cupcakes for us to eat. I took some to work and they were a hit!


Keeping on the unhealthy food trend, my mommy had a brilliant idea over this past weekend. We had our first day in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) on Saturday so we went to go get Culver’s ice cream. My mom had two buy 1 get 1 free vouchers so she got two caramel and cashew sundaes and I got a cookie dough concrete mixer (really thick ice cream) and a brownie concrete mixer. My parents had the two sundaes and I devoured the cookie dough mixer. So far the brownie one is still in the freezer but I’m sure someone will get to it soon.


And Valentine’s day happened! My dad got me a box of chocolates and there was a little bear attached to the box! We ate half the chocolates and the other half are possibly sitting in direct sunlight… I should check on that. My mom also got me this lovely lipstick from Maybelline in 705 Blushing Bud.

I also got a little Superman Valentine’s Day card from a coworker and a little doggy one from the Social Committee at work. I was going to get Frozen cards to pass out but then I totally forgot when I was at Target and was too lazy to go back for them. Whoops.


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

And last but certainly not least, I met Grace Helbig! I met her during one of her book signings for Grace & Style.  This is actually my second time meeting her as I went to her first book signing for Grace’s Guide. Last time I went to the Chicago location which was actually at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, a western suburb. This time I went up to Milwaukee to see her at Boswell Books. I liked this book signing a lot more than the last time. Parking was much easier to find as there was plenty of street parking as well as a parking garage across the street from the book store. Last time I found a parking garage super far away from the bookstore and missed Grace’s opening speech. She didn’t give a speech at Boswell but I felt the staff was more organized and was better prepared to handle the crowd than Anderson’s had been. The staff was also very nice and polite as well.

Now onto Grace herself. She was as lovely as the last time I met her. Last time I was so nervous all I had time to do was give her a quick hug and take a picture. This time we had a quick little conversation where I actually thanked her for coming out to meet her fans, let her know how much I loved her portrayal as Idol in the Fine Bros’ series of MyMusic, and I asked her to please write another book because I enjoy them so much. She was very nice, very sweet through the whole thing and I’m so happy I got to go. Plus, my mom went with me so I have a witness to my perfect parallel parking job I did before the event.

I’m not going to review the book here but I’ll post a short review on it next week Friday (March 4th) during my Books I Read this Month post which I’ll link here when it’s up.


As a bonus I also met Grace’s assistant, Diane! I let Diane know that I love when she vlogs for Grace and asked her for a selfie, which she graciously said yes to. She was also very nice and sweet, and also a bit shy from what I could tell. I also made a lovely new friend in line who I won’t name here because I didn’t get her permission to use her name but she and I are now Facebook friends and follow each other on Instagram so you know it’s official!


And as a last minute bonus, thanks to my boss at work who bought the team Starbucks! It wasn’t totally free, the team had to go to Starbucks to pick it up but hey, I’ll take it. I really appreciated it and it was a great mid-afternoon pick me up. I got a strawberry acai refresher with light ice and it was amazing and made me super happy.

And that’s my whole month! It has been a pretty good one. Next month I have a few exciting things planned and I’m looking forward to hopefully better weather (northern Illinois has been pretty good this year but the constant threat of surprise snow gives me too much anxiety). Hurry March!


Thanks for reading!


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