Product Review: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hello everyone! Today’s review will be the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks. 


While strolling through Target (I know, I practically live there) I saw the display for these products and immediately wanted to try them. They only had three shades left but the entire line does have ten shades in all. Here’s my thoughts on the lipsticks.


The first one I picked up is the 05 Nude Thrill. This one is actually my favorite and has now become my favorite “everyday” lip product. It’s very easy to apply as it goes on very evenly and the color is strong. It’s not very matte though, at least not until it dries so while it doesn’t quite live up to the name, for $6.99, I’ll take it.


The next one that I bought is 15 Pink Charge. This one is my least favorite out of the bunch. It is essentially the opposite of Nude Thrill. It globs on and never fully settles, is definitely not matte, and I’m not sure how opaque or sheer it is because I can’t get it to apply evenly enough to tell. The color isn’t quite right for me either, it’s way too light and way too neon. It would be a fun color to wear in the summer if the formula was a little better.


The last one I picked up was 35 Rebel Red. I loved this one. It was very close to being chosen as the favorite over Nude Thrill. Again, not exactly matte, but the color applies evenly and you get the color on in one to two applications. It’s very lightweight, I put it on to try it out for this post this past Saturday and forgot I was wearing it as I made the Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (which you can read about here).


So those are my thoughts on these liquid lipsticks. Overall, I recommend these lipsticks with a warning that they are not actually matte. From what I’ve read on other blogs and reviews, the darker colors are not very good so I’d stay away from those as well. Even though I liked two out of the three of the ones I found, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more at this time. While they are fun I don’t think I’d wear any other color often enough. I really, really loved Nude Thrill so I’d love to pick up another one of in that color if I ever used up my first one.

Thanks for reading!


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