Baking: Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Hello everyone! In honor of this Valentine’s Day I’ll be sharing how I made some delicious cupcakes!  This won’t be a full step-by-step process as I follow the instructions on the back of the cake mix box but here’s a few pictures.

I went to Target to get some supplies. I bought strawberry cake mix (pink for Valentine’s Day!), cream cheese frosting (it’s amazing), pink sprinkles, and a little box of Valentine’s Day themed cupcake liners with toppers. I didn’t buy eggs or anything else as my parents usually have some at home. Then I got to work!

After mixing everything up I filled up the little cupcake liners into the cupcake tins. I didn’t have enough from the little kit that I bought but luckily I had backup cupcake liners in the pantry already.

After about 20mins in the oven they look like this!

Time to decorate!

Here’s the finished product.


Thanks for reading and happy valentines day!



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