January Favorites

And that’s a wrap for the first month of the year! Here’s my January Favorites!


First up is my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. You may remember this from my 2015 Skin Care Favorites. I’m in the process of changing my night time skin care routine but this is one product that I plan on continuing to use and repurchasing once I run out. I honestly would have thought that I would have needed to replace this mask by now with how much I’ve been using it this month but I haven’t run out yet. I love this mask because I can be quite lazy when it comes to skin care and this product makes my life so much easier. I also love it because it’s basically the only product I need to go from having a dry face one day to having a moisturized and happy face the next.


My next favorite is my hand soap, Softsoap Peony & Plum. This is the product that made me realize that I love the smell of peonies. I picked this up at Target because a) the packaging looked beautiful and b) it wasn’t so expensive. I’m really glad I did. Besides the smell it leaves my hands feeling clean without feeling overly dry or overly greasy. I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I need another soap!


My favorite lotion this month has been my Lush Charity Pot lotion. I don’t often use lotion so this product is technically expired as of December 2015 but I still really like it. I bought this lotion back when it first launched and mostly because the poor Lush employee seemed desperate to sell it to me. I do like it a lot and if I had Lush closer to me (nearest one is about an hour’s drive away) I would probably pick up another pot. I like that this lotion feels creamy and smooth, whereas all other lotions feel greasy and slimy to me. For now I think I’ll use what I have left and try to find an alternative when I finally run out.


My hair favorite of the month has been the Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo. I had run out of my last shampoo and made a Target run to get something new. I’d used this shampoo on and off over the years so when I walked through the two aisles of shampoos and conditioners I grabbed the one I was most familiar with. I love the smell of this one and I feel it does make my hair a little bit more wavy than normal. I use shampoo much faster than conditioner so I don’t have the matching conditioner as I’m still using two older ones. Even so, I don’t think my hair is particularly mad about it, so everything’s fine.


I also enjoy using the Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I used to only use these to remove my make up and while they do remove a lot of make up in one towelette, it doesn’t remove all of it. I’m really trying to be more diligent with my skin care so I no longer use them as my only make up removing option but rather either use these first and then a cleanser or I only use these when I just want to freshen up my face on a no make up day.


The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara has been another favorite of mine this month. I have a lot of mascaras so I like to rotate them out every so often. I know, I know, you’re supposed to throw them out after three months but I am one of those people that does not do that. Even so, I haven’t used this one as often and I would like so I’m glad I grabbed this one for the month. I feel like it does clump easily if you’re not careful. But it does give you a lot of volume for your lashes.


I’ve talked about the Besame brand before and I had previously bought this lipstick, Besame Red (inspired by lipsticks worn by Hollywood starlets in the 1920s) when I bought Red Velvet a while ago. I just used it for the first time this month and I loved it. This one is a cool toned red, which is completely opposite of what I would normally go for. The blue undertones are so subtle, I think that’s what makes it work for a medium skin tone like mine though. I meant to take a selfie while wearing this lipstick but I forgot to. I did remember to take a selfie before applying my lipstick though. *Headbang* I also really loved the staying power of this lipstick. I applied it around midday while shopping at Macy’s, shopped hardcore at Barnes and Noble, Sephora, and a few other places for two hours, another hour at Hobby Lobby, had a snack of fruit about two hours after that, and when it was finally time to wash my face it was still all there!


I’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning up my room in hopes of getting ahead of the spring cleaning game. When I clean I like to put on a show on Netflix, like Doctor Who or Merlin (boo for Doctor Who leaving Netflix in February), light a candle, and grab a ton of garbage bags. I’ve been using this candle, the Bath and Body Works Sparkling Icicles, from the 2013 winter range. I couldn’t find a list of what it smells like but the bottle says “as sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond, this fragrance features a citrus bouquet, bergamot, and a touch of holiday moss. It says it burns for 30-40 hours. I haven’t been keeping track but that sounds about right. I feel like I’ve been burning it a lot lately and I still have a good bit left. I’ll be sad when it’s gone although I hope to be able to reuse the jar for something later on. I’ll have to Pinterest some DIY ideas!

So that’s it! That’s my January favorites! I hope you enjoyed reading about them this week. When I started this blog I had wanted to blog once a week but as I keep blogging I find that I’m really loving it a lot more than I anticipated. I’m going to try and add a Friday post to the already scheduled Wednesday posts. We’ll see how this goes!


Thanks for reading!


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