Drugstore Make Up and Other Items Haul!

Hello! Today I stopped by Target before work yesterday and picked up a few things there. Even though I didn’t expect to get many things the power of Target pulled me in and reminded me that I really needed all these things.

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First up is the Maybelline products I picked up. When I walked into Target the brightly lit make up section reminded me that I had a giant blemish on my face and my brain though “self, don’t you want to cover that up today?” so I walked through the aisles and came across the Maybelline section where the Fit me! line caught my eye. I grabbed a few items with the teal lettering, meant to designate the items for normal to oily skin. This option is the matte and poreless finish. There is a different normal to dry formula that are labelled in purple lettering with a dewy and smooth finish.

The items I bought are the foundation, powder, and the concealer. I bought the foundation in Warm Honey, the powder in Natural Buff, and the concealer in Medium. The line also carries blush, bronzer, and a foundation stick although I didn’t pick those up today. The foundation and powder were $5.99 each and the concealer was $5.49. I actually already used the concealer (remember the blemish?) and I liked it a lot. I’m excited to try the other items. The Maybelline website has a great quiz on the website for the Fit Me! range that matches you to the items that would work for you.

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The next thing I picked up was a set of fake nails, the kind that you can just glue on. I’m terrible at keeping nice nails. I rarely take the time to use polish and when I do I have to take it off anyway because it chips almost immediately. Going to get them done keeps them nice for about a week but I don’t often have time to go to a salon. I was watching a beauty youtuber who mentioned that she loved using fake nails and I remembered the high school days when I would use them for special occasions. So I’m going to give these a go sometime. The brand I picked up is Kiss and this set is an everlasting French style. It cost $4.99 and contains 28 nails, pink gel glue, a mini file, and a manicure stick.

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I also picked up some more lip balm from Blistex. I had previously mentioned a balm from them in my November Favorites so I was excited to pick up the same kind. However, they unfortunately only sell their items in certain two packs at the Target I go to so the blue one that I like comes in a pack with a red one that is nice, but I don’t use often. Instead of getting the same kind I chose to pick up the other pack that was available. The pack cost $3.99 and contains a balm in a white tube that states it is a deep renewal with SPF15 and a balm in a purple tube that states it is silk and shine with SPF15 as well.

Two other products I brought are deodorant and lens wipes for glasses. These are pretty self explanatory I think. Deodorant so I don’t stink, and wipes to make sure I can see when choose to forgo my contacts and I wear my glasses for a day. Simple but important products.

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And lastly I got myself breakfast! I bought organic strawberries and oranges that did not say organic so they probably are not. I want to try to eat better and I figured breakfast was a good place to start. Seeing as how I almost never had breakfast I wanted to make sure I got into a good habit of eating fruit early on. I don’t keep a bowl at my desk so I used a coffee mug that I was given for Christmas with my department’s unofficial motto of “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!” first stated by Sporty Spice. (She didn’t actually say that but a part of my department’s name is Sports so we felt it was appropriate to pick her as our fake spokesperson.)

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So that’s my Target Haul! I have to say, I love going to Target before work. There’s almost no one there, it’s just down the street from work (so I often run into people from the office there), and the team members are great. Target is one of my very favorite places so when I get the chance to stop by before work I do as it always helps me start the day on the right foot. I hope you enjoyed my haul and let me know if you’d like a review on any of the products!


Thanks for reading!


    • Haha I agree! I kind of cheated because someone had already opened one of them so I just quickly swatched it on my hand. But otherwise I wouldn’t have know which one to pick! I recommend trying the Fit Me website though. You can do the quiz on there and it does help guide you.


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