Product Review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer


Today’s post is a review on this tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier. 

I bought this recently and mentioned it on my Beauty Haul post from last month. I picked up the smaller sized tube in the color Sand from the dangerous stand in front of the registers in Sephora.

My first experience with this product was not good. Pretty much the only thing I liked about it was that it had SPF 20 in it. Other than that, I thought that the product was way too sheer. The tinted moisturizer seemed to be missing the “tint” portion of the formula. While I didn’t expect a great amount of coverage I figured that it would at least cover any redness and even out the skin tone. I didn’t notice that it did. I even asked my bff Diana on two separate days how it looked and she looked at me in confusion and asked “well, you’re not wearing anything, right?” That settled that.

About a week after that I decided to give the product another go. I had looked at reviews from the Sephora website and the product was listed as “buildable”. So I sat in front of the mirror and grabbed my most trusted foundation brush. And it worked! Finally I could see the product even everything out and built up a decent layer of coverage. When I asked Diana again she actually said it looked good and was surprised to hear that it was the same product I had been complaining about the week before.

In the end I will not be purchasing the full sized product although I have no problems using the rest of the tube up. While I like lightweight products this is just too sheer for me and I feel like I use double the amount of product with this tinted moisturizer than I do with any other product. I do like to have a good amount of coverage so I will be sticking with foundations and BB creams for now. I’m sure it’s okay for those want little to no coverage though. Final verdict is that the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer won’t work for me but I’ll continue my search for a different lighter coverage product.

Thanks for reading!


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