2015 Make Up Favorites

This is part 1 of my 2015 Favorites Series. This is all Make Up! To see my Skin Care Favorites you’ll have to wait until Friday. I have a lot to get through so here we go!

I do want to note that I don’t have a product from every category as I don’t necessarily have a year long favorite for it.


From left to right: Naked Skin Foundation in 5.0, Naked Flushed, Master Prime, and All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray.


Primer: Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Smooth

I won’t linger on this one because it was mentioned in my November Favorites but this is hands down my best primer in my make up collection and the most unexpected find I’ve had. I was completely blown away by how good this product is as I was truly not expecting to love this product. I love how smoothly this primer goes onto my face and it does what it’s title claims, my foundation looks smooth all day when I use this primer and I notice that it just feels so much more creamy as opposed to slimy, which is the feeling I get from most primers. I really find that my face does not get as oily as it normally does when I wear this primer as well so that also contributes greatly to the amount of love I have for this product.

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin in 5.0

I have owned this foundation for a long time and I always go back to it when I want something I can trust to stay on my face all day. The Naked Skin foundation feels and looks very natural and light. I use the shade 5.0 which is a “medium shade, with slight golden undertones”. I find that it’s easy to build coverage with this one and it’s easy to blend it in as well. It is oil free so it does help keep the shine under control. I love that it does keep a very matte finish throughout the day and looks completely natural on my skin.eerere

Contour Palette: Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked

This was the palette that I learned how to contour with so this palette has a special place in my favorites. I still use this palette a lot as I find that it’s a great “everyday” palette. I love how small it is, so it easily fits into my make up bag. It is very pigmented and I find that it does last a long time on my skin. I would say the highlight is my least favorite with the bronzer being my favorite of the three (although just barely beating out the blush) but all three are very strong products individually.

Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Spray

I honestly don’t know how I would survive without this product. I apply it after my foundation on days when I want to be absolutely certain that my make up won’t evaporate and disappear from my face. It gives off a very fine mist that dries very quickly and my makeup still looks flawless hours and hours after I’ve applied it. I don’t use it everyday but I easily could. Instead I save it for when I attend parties/get-togethers, long days, day trips, and other special occasions. I don’t like to carry a ton of make up around and when I use this spray, I don’t need to carry anything other than my lipstick to reapply it later in the day. It makes my life so much easier!


From counter-clockwise from top: Naked 3, Chocolate Bar, Gel Liner.

Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

I don’t have a picture for this product because alas, my mascara wand broke and I threw it out not thinking I would need it for later. I had this mascara a long time (probably longer than the recommended amount of time) and it never dried out. The wand broke when I twisted the mascara shut (it snapped off the part where you screw the two halves together) so I was unable to save the product as the cap wouldn’t close properly. It’s listed as a “4 in 1” product, that volumizes, lengthens, curls, and conditions. I definitely agree that it does provide a lot of volume and length to my lashes. I don’t curl my lashes as they are naturally pretty curled anyway. I haven’t gotten around to repurchasing this product as I have a ton of mascaras to go through at the moment but I do plan to. I didn’t have problems with this one flaking or clumping  and I never had a problem with taking it off at the end of the day either.

Liner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eye Liner

I don’t wear eye liner very often but when I do I reach for this gel liner from Bobbi Brown. I first tried this after taking one of the classes offered at the brand’s counters and bought it after trying it out. I use it along with the liner brush and I find that it lasts all day without smudging. You do have to practice with it because it is very easy to notice imperfections in your application but it’s easy to fix as well. I use it with the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush and I think the pair together are absolutely perfect. This liner doesn’t budge or fade throughout the day even though I have oily eyelids. It’s a little hard to remove but I find it’s worth it for perfect liner.

Eye Shadow: Too Faced Chocolate Palette 

Okay, I kinda cheated a little with the eye shadow palettes but I couldn’t pick between my top two! The first one is the Too Faced Chocolate Palette. This palette is just perfect. When you open the palette you smell chocolate, thanks to the real cocoa that is used to make these shadows so right away you know this will be great. As for the colors, there are so many neutral eye looks you can make with this palette and are all highly pigmented. Most shadows are browns with a pink and a purple in there as well. There’s a good mix of mattes and shimmers and the highlighting shades are larger than the others, which is great because those are the most used colors. This is my go to palette most of the time and I don’t think I could live without it!

Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked 3

My second eye shadow favorite is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. This one has been my favorite since it came out back in 2013 and I think it’s actually the first palette I bought. The theme for this palette is basically “all the pinks, all the time”. All the shades are some variation of pinks, including my favorite color of all time: rose gold. Back when I first got this palette I used it every day. Now I only reach for it on special occasions but I don’t love it any less. I find that the pigments are very strong and the colors don’t crease when I use eye lid primer. I love the dual ended brush it comes with as well. Given the choice between all the Naked palettes, I’d  pick the 3 all over again!


Face Brush: Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

If it’s not clear how much I love Urban Decay already, then I’m not sure what else I can do to convince you that I love this brand. This is the only brush I use to apply my foundation and I’ve already had to repurchase this brush once to replace my old worn out brush. I’ve recently bought or received new brushes so I plan to use those but I have a feeling I’m going to need to replace this one again anyway because I just love how this brush applies products on my face. I use it with every foundation I own, not use my Urban Decay products, and I find that it still works flawlessly. It’s very soft and while it isn’t the biggest brush it is very good at getting my foundation blended in completely and quickly. (I didn’t take a picture of it because it needs to be cleaned. Maybe next time!)



From left to right: Red Velvet 1946, Military Red, Barcelona Nights, Lilac, and 107.

Red: Besame Red Velvet – 1946

Of course I had to include Peggy Carter’s shade in my favorites! For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a total nerd. So when Marvel announced that Agent Peggy Carter would have her own tv show I knew I had to watch. Then when Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) tweeted about Peggy’s makeup, I had to get my hands on her shade. Besame quickly has become one of my favorite brands. Red Velvet is described as a mid-tone neutral red and is extremely pigmented. Once it’s on, it stays on so you do have to be careful when applying it. It’s not completely matte but it is definitely more on the matte side of things. Like all the Besame lipsticks, it is meant to replicate shades used in that year so it’s very nice to know that some looks have withstood the test of time.

Red: Burberry Military Red

You might be thinking “but Pamela, you already included a red lipstick in your favorites, what are you doing??” and to that I would say “yes but I wanted to have two reds in my post so there.” I recently talked about this lipstick in my December Favorites. It’s a matte finish red that doesn’t dry out my lips. It is very hydrating and has great staying power. This shade called out to me as I looked through the Burberry counter in Nordstrom’s and the moment the woman who was working there handed it to me to apply, I knew I had to buy it. It ended up being the last one in the store that was hidden away in the stock room so I took that to be a sign that it was meant to be. This was actually right before I had decided to buy the Besame Red Velvet lipstick mentioned above so I had been looking for a great red to begin with. I think this is a great shade to have because it’s so versatile. You can wear it as an everyday shade or out to a special event.

Pink: Revlon ColorStay Moisture Lip Stain in Barcelona Nights

For my pink lip product I’ve chosen a lip stain by Revlon. I first learned about this product from Fleur de Force on YouTube and as soon as I heard the name I had to buy it. Four years ago I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Since then I am more inclined to purchase items that remind me of my time there. I do like this color a lot and I tend to wear it only in the summer as that’s the only time I feel I can get away with wearing such a bright pink. I do find that it applies in a rather clumpy fashion but once it settles it is a very nice, shiny, and long-wearing shade.

Nude: Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Lilac

Okay, so this is not necessarily a nude-nude lipstick but it’s the closest lipstick I have that I love. It’s a very creamy and smooth light pink/purple shade. I bought this at the height of the Kylie Jenner nude lips craze but I don’t like true nudes because I feel they don’t do anything for me. The lovely lady at the Bobbi Brown counter in Macy’s helped me pick this one out and I loved it instantly. It lives in my everyday make up bag. I would say it’s my most used lipstick as well!

Dark: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107

And for my last product it is a dark berry red lipstick from Rimmel’s Kate Moss line. I first saw Zoella wearing this shade and knew I had to find it. It did take awhile but I did eventually locate it and buy it from Target. This lipstick is extremely pigmented and incredibly long-lasting. I really have to scrub at it to get it off. Other than that I think it’s a great fall color and it would look great on many skin colors.

So that’s my 2015 Make Up Favorites! Come back on Friday for part 2 of my 2015 Favorites for skin care! (Yes, I’m posting twice in one week, you lucky ducks!) Thank you for reading!

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