Beauty Haul

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve bought a lot of new beauty bits and I’m excited to share them with you. Here we go!

First up is the Besame Brightening Vanilla Face Powder. I was recently turned to this brand by Hayley Atwell when she tweeted that the lipstick she used as Peggy Carter was a Besame lipstick. This product received a lot of positive feedback, from what I could see so I’m excited to try it! The vanilla shade is listed to be for medium skin tones (thank goodness because I didn’t know there were shades to this when I picked it up!) and the brand is sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. Also, as a bonus, the creator for this brand is a Hispanic female, which makes me all the more happy to enjoy this brand!


Next is my new Chloe perfume. I recently bought a hand soap for my bathroom that is named “Peony and Plum” and I decided that I love the smell of peonies now. I did a bit of Google-ing to see what perfumes had notes of peony. I found that the Chloe eau de parfum had those notes and I made a point to buy it the next time I was in Sephora. I have already used this product and I do like the scent but I feel that I can smell it very strongly for about fifteen minutes before I can’t smell it anymore. This is the case with most perfumes I wear but I had been hopeful that this one would last on my skin as much as my See by Chloe perfume does (see my November Favorites for more on that perfume!).


On that same Sephora trip I bought the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in the color Sand. I wanted to try a new tinted moisturizer because I am no longer a fan of the Benefit Big Easy BB Cream which was my previous go to. I really wanted a “my skin but better” product for days when I just don’t want to wear foundation. I’m going to give it a few more chances but my first impressions make me happy I bought the sample size rather than the full size. It seems to be more of the “my skin” part rather than the “but better” part. At the very least it does have SPF20 though!


About a year or so ago I went to a street festival in Chicago and found a little booth for a brand called Arrow Mattick. They had a variety of products but their soap line really caught my eye. They had soaps that are made from goats milk or are vegan, basically natural products. I did buy a few and am currently using the “Sweet Roses” soap from their line. Recently I went to the Christmas markets in the city and found them in one of the booths there. I bought myself the “Sandalwood Vanilla” soap and bought a few more as Christmas presents for my mom and my sister. I’m thinking I should have bought a few more! I’m going to be sad when I run out of them but now I have their website saved to my favorites so I can put in a new order and I find that the soaps last a long time, so I’m not in any hurry.


And I’m going to lump in my last three products together. Brushes are not my favorite thing to shop for. I have my favorite brushes already and I use them all the time. However, there comes a point where I really want to expand my brush collection to have a little brush army. Especially because I am not as good at washing my brushes as often and I should and like to have back up ones. I bought this powder brush, eye shadow brush, and blending eye brush from Target from the Elf line, mainly because they were the cheapest brushes at Target. I have yet to use them but I’m optimistic!

So there you go! My beauty haul is complete! It did kind of turn into a first impressions for some products as well. For those that I did not try yet, I might do a review later on for them. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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