November Favorites

It is finally December so that means it’s time for my November favorites! I have a whole six beauty favorites so let’s get started!


First up is my Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation. I wear the Honey Medium shade.

I fully blame my lovely friend Diana for getting me addicted to this. I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did but at Diana’s insistence I tried it out at Sephora and bought it on the spot. I never wore makeup until about a year and a half ago so I like things that don’t feel like I’m wearing anything. This formula is extremely light weight yet offers a full coverage and flawless finish.

Another plus is that with this foundation, I don’t have the normal mid-day shine that I usually have in my t-zone. I haven’t had to powder throughout the day with this foundation like I do with my other ones, which is great because most days I forget my powder at home! The one downside I find to this foundation is that it does cost $55 per bottle at Sephora so I do only use it on “special” days rather than everyday.




My next favorite is the Maybelline Master Prime by FaceStudio Primer. I bought the Blur + Smooth formula.

I bought this on a whim after hearing several of my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube recommend this product. I normally don’t have great luck with drugstore make up but I loved this primer. It makes my skin feel so smooth rather than the slightly slimy texture other primers seem to give me. I do feel that it does help my foundation glide on more smoothly and easily to my face. Maybelline also offers other versions with SPF or redness control formulations but I haven’t tried those before. I bought it at Target and it is listed on their website for $7.99 but I believe I paid less than that when I got it, plus drugstore make up usually have sales or promotions so definitely look out for those if you go pick this up.


Another drugstore pick is this CoverGirl Star Wars lipstick, which is a limited edition collection in anticipation of the new Star Wars film. I have number 30, or “Dark Apprentice” as it’s listed online (although no name is given on the packaging).

I will admit I was disappointed with this product when I first bought it because I had really just picked up the only lipstick left and didn’t realize how shimmery it would be. Looking at the bottom “preview” sort of window, I had thought it would be a deeper burgundy but it turned out to be a red with a lot of shimmer. I do love that it came sealed (because most drugstore lip products don’t) but the downside is that you don’t get to see the color on the bullet. I put it on at work one day and wasn’t pleased with the color then but now I do like it a lot more and wear it as a fun lipstick  on weekends or after work. I’ll definitely wear it when I go see the film!

This lipstick is listed as $5.99 on the Target website but again, drugstore brands normally have promotions going on all the time. However, since this is a limited edition collection and the movie is about to come out, you may not want to wait for a sale and just pick it up, if you can find it.




My nail polish of the month pick is Essie’s Wicked nail polish. I first came into contact with this color last year when I went to get my nails done with my above-mentioned friend Diana. I loved it so much I went out and bought my own bottle. This month I found it again and put it on.

I love the dark color of it and this was really a hot color this past fall season. I have a terrible time keeping my nails un-chipped so normally I don’t have any color at all. When I do take the time to do my nails I will reach for an Essie polish as it does normally stay on around 4-5 days, which is a miracle for me because my previous record is usually, oh, maybe 15 minutes. It is available at Target for $8.59. Again, promotions can be found, although I don’t believe Essie has promotions as often as other brands do and other stores may have them for cheaper.




My favorite perfume this month was my See by Chloe perfume. According to Sephora’s website the notes for this fragrance are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, and Musk and this perfume “embodies femininity while blending masculine codes in an urban-chic way.” I just like it because I think it smells nice.

I have a terrible sense of smell. I can smell, I just think my brain has decided it has better things to do than to pay attention to what my nose thinks so when it does occasionally pipe up and approves of a fragrance, that’s the one I buy. I also found this item through various beauty Youtubers, mostly the British ones I watch regularly. This is the perfume that lives in my make up bag and that I wear everyday. I love it a lot and while I wasn’t able to find the rollerball online any longer I believe I paid around $20 for it. The 1 ounce bottle is available on Sephora’s website for $58.


My last favorite is this Blistex Ultra-Rich Hydration Lip Balm with SPF 15.

I originally just picked this up in a duo pack at Target because I needed a lip balm. I had run out of my two previous favorite lip balms and couldn’t find either brand anywhere. I was getting desperate for new lip balms so I grabbed this one and it came in a set with a red and shiny version that I don’t use it as often but both are very smoothing balms. Now that the weather is getting colder I’m doing all I can to avoid getting dry and cracked lips, no easy feat. So far these two balms have been great and done what they’re supposed to, unlike so many other brands I’ve tried that have been huge disappointments. Another plus is that the red balm actually came in a tube that has a mirror on one end. That’s incredibly thoughtful and handy! I can’t remember how much it was or find it on the Target website but I think it was around $5.

Those are all my beauty favorites this month. I am hoping to do a skin care favorite as well although that may wait until next month. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you had a wonderful November!



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